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______Andrea L. Anderson has spent over twenty years doing Compliance work in the wine industry with Napa and Sonoma County wineries
which include Sonoma Vineyards, Souverain, Joseph E. Seagram & Sons and with Louis M. Martini in 1989. While employed in the wine industry,
she specialized in Legal Compliance and held responsibility for licensing and regulatory functions.

______ Andrea was accountable for original licensing of a Bonded Winery (approximately 200,000 sq. ft) during its construction phases, licensing
of a Bonded Warehouse, re-filing for all state and federal licenses due to a Partnership incorporating, original licensing in all fifty states for interstate
shipments, and licensing of a brewery with a contiguous restaurant. She prepared mandatory monthly reports which recorded shipments, reported
price postings of all types of sales programs, obtained sales personnel licenses, and submitted label approvals and changes to the federal basic
permit and state licenses. She is now consulting to the beer and wine industry on her favorite subject - Legal Compliance since April, 1989.
Additionaly, she offers her clients a user friendly software package called Shipshape. Shipshape allows the user to manage all compliance matters
for wine, beer, and spirits including product and distributor registration, price changes, sales reports, and yearly brand registration. Forms and
reports are generated electronically and are identical to those required by regulators. Shipshape is available for both PC and Mac.

______Over the past couple years she has expanded her business to represent breweries. She has managed the original licensing of brewery
sites and ongoing compliance matters for major national/international brands as well as neighborhood microbreweries.

______ Together with having her own business, Andrea also teaches a yearly Compliance course at U.C.Davis, and has been a guest speaker
at Cal Poly Extended Education Wine Marketing class. In the past, she was a guest speaker at ASEV 1988 in Reno, Nevada as well as teaching
a Compliance course at Santa Rosa Junior College.

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